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From Humble Beginnings

The Kersh brand was launched in 2006. Not long after, the Press brand was introduced and today, the company has expanded into several outstanding lines including Press Dress and Nanavatee. Over time, the collection has expanded from essential sweaters to basic tees, dresses and everything in between. The brands’ designers travel around the world to seek inspiration from the top fashion capitals. However, we are still stirred by the native West Coast beauty.

The company has since grown into one of the largest importers on the West Coast. International Fashions designs, produces and distributes quality styles to many of the leading retailers in the world. Furthermore, the business team is consistently working with factories and retailers to ensure that it is compliant with worker contentment and fair practices.

Kersh Clothing About Us - Kersh Cares
Kersh Cares - BC Children's Hospital + Texas SPCA